We have seen what can be wrought as a result of inattention to power, so what do we do about it? A UPS has a dual purpose, the most commonly considered is to keep power going to attached devices when a power outage hits. Yet a good UPS performs a significantly more important function, assuring a good clean power flow. When describing how events like spikes and blackouts can have serious impact on the performance and life of equipment, the consideration was there was no intermediate device between the power feed and the equipment. But a UPS, in addition to having battery back-up capability to keep power flowing, acts as a kind of filter to smooth out those fluctuations in the electric power wave.

The ABM battery charging technology.

This enable UPS to provide non-stop power back up when there is power failure. The minor voltage fluctuations and any power spike can be handled well by the product.

In normal times it runs on normal power during normal time but in case of power outrage the power is drawn from the battery. It is also fitted with latest updates and power management software that helps the battery to handle power source and supply intelligently. There is a LED panel fitted which displays the status of the battery and other important features.

Wide operating frequency along with direct current providing capacity.

These makes Eaton Blade UPS a favorite devices for backing up of servers or networking gears, record archive, medical systems, among such other critical systems. The operating temperature has a wide range which varies from -40 degree C to +40 degree Celsius. The installation of Eaton blade ups is simple. It comes both in rack-mounted and wall-mounted structure for saving space.

The battery

The battery comes with USB connectivity slots and communication slots making your experience really pleasant. The battery provides a high power factor of 0.9 which is the main reason of being a good performer. In addition, there is reduces the chances of overheating of the battery along with very high performance. The sound emissions are is less than 50 decibels so you will not be irritated by the constant buzzing sounds that other batteries produce.

Optional features in these UPS devices that can be extremely beneficial.

One would be a monitoring module that can be added to the UPS structure. For example, modules can generate alerts when power is compromised, or the temperature in the room fluctuates out of the acceptable range. Alerts can be sent to email addresses and/or mobile devices, and can be recorded and logged on the network for later analysis. For small and mid-sized business that don’t employ a dedicated IT person, some level of this capability is beneficial and allows alerts to be directly dealt with by the IT service provider.

UPS systems are consideration in protection for a modern business network. they protect your computer from utility voltage deviations beyond permitted margin, and from hazardous phenomena associated by high voltage surges occurring during lightning, Power Transformers failures and grid distribution failures.UPS devices is nearly all you need to protected you business from power failure.

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Did You Know?

Change Your UPS Batteries

Changing your UPS batteries every 4 years can prevent 90% of all UPS outages.

Capacitor Shelf Life

AC and DC capacitors have a shelf life and should be proactively changed every 8-10 years.

UPS Maintenance Bypass

Adding a maintenance bypass to your UPS will allow for proper maintenance of your UPS and also re-route utility power