The Eaton company has introduced 9130 UPS that delivers scalable and quality battery power runtime for the rack of servers, data and voice networks, IT equipment and storage systems. This UPS cuts the cost of energy by providing power at over 95% efficiency rating, while supporting the rack space needing power up to 3 kVA. It considerably extends the service life of the battery by using a bright LCD user interface and ABM technology to make monitoring easier.

The 9130 UPS smooths minor fluctuations of power without the support of batteries as batteries are retained for the time of extreme insatiability or complete cut of utility power. Being part of Powerware series a 9130 UPS provides optimal quality uninterrupted power supply, resolves problems in utility protection, ensue continuous power supply and superior management of power for all the equipment connected to it.

Eaton has designed Eaton 9130 UPS by using the experience and knowledge gained by working in this field since more than 40 years. The latest design of 9130 UPS helps in delivering essential protection from power fluctuations and cuts for networking and IT equipment at a data centre, controlling manufacturing processes, medical systems or any other important application or equipment where continuous and clean power is required.

Benefits of 9130 UPS

1. During downtime it protects process from interruptions and data loss by providing clean and continuous power

2. By providing power at over 95% efficiency Eaton 9130 UPS allows the best performance

3. Its ABM battery charging technology ensure to increase the service life of the battery along with improves the performance of the system

4. At the time of power outage it enables essential equipment with prolonged runtime along with protecting remotely placed and orderly non-critical processes and systems by shutting them down

5. It can be installed flexibly with various types of space saving towers or racks

6. LanSafe power management software used in it ensures the integrity of systems and data

7. The Flex and PowerTrust service contracts ensure to provide a load protection guarantee, a two-year limited warranty along with an extended warranty at very reasonable price

Features of 9130 UPS

Provide more real power: It provides a full capacity power at 0.9 high output factor to wide range of modern IT equipment. It avoids power disturbances through its 0.99 input power factor like other energy converters.

High efficiency: You can lower your utility bills and save thousands of dollars just by increasing the efficiency of an efficient UPS System. The efficiency of this UPS increases over 95% when the power cuts are within acceptable range.

Exclusive ABM technology to provide longer and stronger life for your battery: A Trickle Charging technology is used by most manufacturers of UPS available in the market. It can reduce the potential service life of a battery up to 50%. The ABM technology, on the other hand, uses an innovative technique of three stage charging and sophisticated sensing circuit to significantly increase the useful service life of the battery along with improving their time for recharge.

Thus, 9130 UPS made by Eaton are the best in its class due to its several exclusive features briefly discussed in this write up.

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