Eaton Emergency Lighting Systems and Inverters offer the highest capacity and smallest footprints in the industry for emergency lighting applications.

Effective emergency lighting systems are legally required to facilitate occupant escape in case of fire or similar emergency. Particularly, Underwriters Laboratories UL 924 requires UPS battery backup adequate to illuminate exit signs and egress lighting for at least 90 minutes in the event of a power interruption, or for 30 minutes if the UPS system integrates a diesel or gasoline generator.

Purpose designed to meet or exceed Underwriter Laboratories® UL 924 standards for exit signs and emergency lighting functionality, Eaton Emergency Lighting Systems also meet or exceed Life Safety Code® NFPA 101 standards, the most widely used source for building code requirements and safety strategies in buildings.

Emergency lighting requirements and related building codes, such as the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101), are vital in the construction of commercial structures to facilitate safe occupant exit during a building fire or other emergency situation. Eaton’s emergency lighting UPS systems are UL 924-tested and certified, providing you with the industry’s highest capacity and efficiency while helping you reduce risk and effectively navigate any emergencies that may arise in your facility. With a full backup power and lighting portfolio and industry-leading service for emergency lighting applications, Eaton can provide you with a complete, end-to-end solution to support your emergency lighting needs in a wide range of environments.


With state-of-the-art features and a wide range of power ratings, Eaton’s UL 924 UPS portfolio contains a solution for any emergency lighting application or environment. Covering both emergency and auxiliary lighting and power applications, all of our UL 924 backup power solutions — 9155, 9355 & 93PM (pictured below, left to right)— are supported by Eaton’s award winning service organization. You can be confident that your emergency lighting equipment is supported and reliable, no matter what Eaton UPS solution you choose.

Feature (value)9155 UPS (8-15kVA)9355 UPS (10-30kVA)93PM UPS (20-200kVA)
Suitable for single-phase applications√*√*
Suitable for three-phase applications
Supports any type of lighting load
Supported by Eaton’s award-winning service team
Ease of management and deployment
Time-tested reliability and efficient double-conversion technology
Energy Saver System (ESS)
LCD touchscreen
Inherent redundancy
Small footprint
Vertical scalability
Backup power for emergency lighting and power applications
Backup power for auxiliary lighting and power applications

*Single-phase applications utilize a single-phase and neutral of the device

Eaton emergency lighting UPS systems meet the strict standards for UL 924 compliance:

  • 90 minutes of backup: The UL 924 standard for emergency lighting UPS systems requires 90 minutes of backup runtime in case of an outage. All Eaton UL 924 emergency UPS solutions are configured to meet this requirement, and Eaton offers solutions for both emergency lighting and power equipment and auxiliary lighting and power equipment applications.
  • Manually-operated test switch: Eaton’s emergency lighting UPS product line features manually-operated test switches for conducting the mandated, standard equipment tests for UL 924 certification.
  • Protected test switch and interface: In accordance with the standard, the manually-operated test switch and interface are protected from accidental operation and non-authorized users.