In the domain of power quality, Eaton is a name to reckon with. We offers an extensive range of products for uninterruptible backup power supply systems (UPS Systems) and management. From small sized applications to large data centers, Eaton UPS Systems ensures delivery of high-quality power with complete protection.

Over the years, back power supply systems from Eaton have been diversified and integrated with the latest technologies to provide comprehensible solutions for workstations, call centers, home applications, network and server applications, data center and facility systems, as well as marine and offshore applications.

Workstation and Call Center UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply) from Eaton:

Eaton UPS offers a huge product portfolio to suit varied power supply requirements of office an call center applications. Along with affordability and reliability, these devices also ensure remote management of your systems with high efficiency and accuracy. It is the most trusted brand for UPS battery backup due to its EcoControl technology for enhanced energy savings and other prominent features to safeguard your vital data and files.

Eaton UPS Systems for IT Networks, Storage, Servers and Switches:

In any business, network, storage, switches and servers are the most crucial components of online data management and storage. Eaton battery backup systems or UPS systems deliver high-quality power backup with efficiency. They are enriched with advanced features like graphical LCD display and Intelligent Power Software Suite that enable seamless remote management of your sophisticated equipment.

Eaton UPS Systems for Data Centers and other Critical Facility:

Uninterrupted power is a pre-requisite for successful operation of critical IT equipment in a data center or any other critical facility. As a leading provider of back power supply systems (UPS Systems), We offer double conversion Eaton battery backup systems with scalable runtimes and all-in-one solutions that are highly cost-effective as well. These systems are easy to install and are a major space saver for modern data centers where real-estate is at a premium.

All these back power supply systems from Eaton are enhanced with high efficiency rating and numerous other features making it perfect solutions to all your back up power needs. Please contact today for information, proposal and pricing!