Scalable, modular and the highest level of reliability, combined with the lowest cost of ownership in the 4-20kVA range. That’s what you get with the Eaton 9PXM UPS.

The 9PXM enables you to build a power solution specific to your needs and to expand redundancy and runtime as your needs change.

Through 4 kVA plug-and-play power modules, the 9PXM delivers an expandable level of N+X redundancy. The 9PXM fits 8- or 12-slot tower enclosures that are easily converted into 14U and 21U rack-mount solutions for easy IT closet and server room flexibility.

The plug-and-play power and battery modules are user replaceable so you can add them as needed without a service call or having to put a redundant system in bypass. With its low initial investment, online double-conversion technology, Eaton ABM technology and high efficiency mode, you never have to compromise reliability for efficiency.

The EATON 9PXM UPS delivers premium backup power and scalable battery runtimes for servers, voice/data networks, and storage systems. Intuitive front-face graphical LCD interface and robust power management software simplifies managing your industrial UPS system or commercial UPS system— even in virtualized environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Graphical LCD Interface — Clear, graphic LCD display provides system status, event logs, battery and power module status, usage analytics, serial number, firmware update info and much more.
  • Modular/Scalable design — The 9PXM utilizes a modular design allowing you to scale the UPS from 4-20 kVA. Available in 2 form factors, an 8-slot, 14U frame or a 12-slot, 21U frame, the 9PXM offers flexibility and low TCO.
  • Magnetic Bezels — Magnetic bezels cover the front facia for easy access to battery and power modules.
  • Form Factor — The 9PXM is available in 2 tower sizes. An 8-slot UPS that scales up to 16kVA or a 12-slot unit that scales up to 20kVA (N+1).
  • Power modules — Each 4kVA power module acts independently to provide N+X redundancy in the 9PXM, eliminating the potential for a single point of failure. When the UPS is redundant, each power module shares the load equally, but in the event of a failure or a disconnection, the remaining power modules will pick up the load and keep the UPS in normal operation mode.
  • Battery modules — Every 9PXM slot is equipped to house a pair of battery modules (9PXMBAT). With remote battery communication, the 9PXM communicates information on the health of each battery module.
    User Serviceable — Power and battery modules are hot swappable. You can add or replace modules without powering down or putting the UPS into bypass.
  • Extended Runtime — Battery modules can be deployed in any slot of the 9PXM. You can extend runtime in the UPS frame when the system is not loaded to capacity with power modules.
  • RPO/ROO port — Remote on/off (ROO) allows for remote shut down of the UPS and automatic restart when the remote contact is reset. The ROO can be programmed as a signal input through the front LCD.
  • RS-232 serial & USB communication ports — Connects the UPS to any serial enabled device for a variety of communication options.
  • Communication slots — 2 mini-slot ports for Network Card-MS or optional PXG-MS cards, for enhanced communication monitoring and control.

Product Snapshot



LCD DISPLAY 4 x 20 character backlit display, programmable
LANGUAGE SUPPORT English, French, Spanish
SNMP CAPABILITY SNMP/Web enabled card options
CONTACT CLOSURES Relay Card option
EMERGENCY POWER OFF (EPO) Input for external EPO


INTERNAL BATTERY TYPE Sealed, lead-acid; maintenance free
BATTERY RUN TIME Run Time Chart (Below)
RECHARGE TIME <4 hours standard

1. Due to continuous product improvements, program specifications are subject to change without notice.

Industries & Applications

The versatile 9PXM is well suited for both the IT marketplace and for Industrial/Commercial applications. The 9PXM’s high power rating, small footprint and easy rack conversion make it an ideal solution for an array of data center applications. The design features offer harmonious compatibility with 4-post or high density racks, PDU and network gear for seamless integration into an IT infrastructure.

IT Applications

  • Small/medium data centers
  • Colocation data centers
  • Edge data centers
  • Network closets

Industrial/commercial applications

  • Mission critical operations
    • Small computer rooms
    • Server farms
    • 911 call centers
  • Retail/Financial
    • POS equipment
    • Banking automation software systems
    • Retail back office inventory management systems
  • Government
    • Voice and data network/closets
    • Government computer rooms
    • School and University system computer rooms/classrooms

Run Times