The Eaton 9130 Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) packs up to 3.0 KVA into only 2U of rack space, the EATON 9130 Rackmount UPS delivers superior online power quality and scalable battery runtimes for rack servers, voice and data networks, storage systems, and other IT equipment that require the protection of an uninterruptible power supply. Tower models are also available. Proprietary ABM technology significantly extends battery life while an efficiency rating of >95% reduces your energy costs. Ergonomically designed bright LCD user interface simplifies operation and monitoring

Features & Benefits For EATON 9130 Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS)

  • Eaton 9130 UPS Sizes: 500VA, 750VA, 800VA, 1000VA, 1500VA, 2000VA and 3000VA Rack and Tower UPS:
  • High Efficiency mode with >95% efficiency rating reduces energy usage and costs
  • 2U form factor, 4-post rail kit, and internal batteries save rack space
  • Higher wattage with a 0.9 power factor protects more equipment and allows for expanding IT systems
  • Ergonomically-designed and intuitive LCD user interface and intuitive power-management software simplify the monitoring of your commercial UPS system or industrial UPS system.
  • Available remote monitoring and management with optional eNotify Remote Monitoring service
  • Proprietary ABM battery-charging technology and hot-swappable batteries increase battery service life of EATON 9130 UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and system uptime

Product Snapshot

Power Rating 700-3000 VA
Voltage 120 Vac, 208-240V
Frequency 50/60Hz (auto-sensing)
Configuration Rackmount or tower
Product Series Powerware

Technical Specifications

9310 Technical Specifications
User interfaceGraphical LCD with blue backlight and text in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish
LEDsFour status-indicating LEDs
TopologyTrue online, double-conversion
DiagnosticsFull system self-test
UPS bypassAutomatic bypass
Dimensions>> Contact an N1C representative for more information <<
Rail kitIncluded with all rackmount units
Nominal Voltage120V: 208–240V
Input Voltage Range120V: 90–138 Vac (with load PF of 0.7) 208/230V: 160–276 Vac (with load PF of 0.7)
Power draw of UPS700: 5.8A @120V, 3.4A @208V, 3.0A @230V 1000: 8.3A @120V, 4.8A @208V, 4.3A @230V 1500: 12.5A @120V, 7.2A @208V, 6.5A @230V 2000: 16.6A @120V, 9.6A @208V, 8.7A @230V 2500: 20.8A @120V, 12.0A @208V, 10.9A @230V 3000: 25.0A @120V, 14.4A @208V, 13.0A @230V
Dedicated circuit breaker rating120V: 700–1500 VA: 15A 2000 VA: 20A 2500–3000 VA: 30A 208/230V: 700–2000 VA: 10A 3000 VA: 16A
Frequency50/60 Hz
Frequency range45–65 Hz
Power factor0.9
On utility voltage regulation±3% of nominal
On battery voltage regulation±3% of nominal
Efficiency>95% in high-efficiency mode; >86% in online mode
Frequency regulation±3% Hz online
Load crest factor3 to 1
Battery TypeVRLA 12V/9 Ah (both internal and external)
Battery Runtime>3 minutes with internal batteries @100% load (0.7 PF)
Battery ReplacementHot-swappable internal and external batteries
Start-on-batteryAllows start of UPS without utility input
Serial portRS-232 standard, for interface to power management software
USB portHID standard, for communicating with Windows 98 and ME computers
Relay outputCommon alarm standard
Communications slotOptional communication slots (BD Slot)
Optional communication cardsSNMP/Web card for direct control and monitoring in SNMP-based networks, monitoring of UPS status and meters through Web browser interface Relay card for integration to industrial environment and building management systems, remote shutdown for IBM AS/400 systems

1. Due to continuous product improvements, program specifications are subject to change without notice.

Industries & Applications

The EATON 9130 is an ideal battery backup power supply for one- or two-rack users in clinics & hospitals, financial institutions, businesses, and other sites in need of a commercial UPS system that offers superior online power quality and scalable battery runtimes in applications including but not limited to:

  • smaller data centers, IT systems, or telecom closets
  • Network switching & processing equipment
  • PLC controls
  • High-quality power backup system for AS-400 systems

Other Uninterruptible Power Supply Models

9130 UPS Models
Part NumberPower Rating
Input PlugOutput Receptacles
PW9130L700T700 / 6305-15P(6) 5-15R
PW9130L1000T-XL1000 / 9005-15P(6) 5-15R
PW9130L1500T-XL1500 / 13505-15P(6) 5-15R
PW9130L2000T-XL2000 / 18005-20P(4) 5-20R, (1) L5-20R
PW9130L3000T-XL3000 / 2700L5-30P(4) 5-20R, (1) L5-30R
9130 GLOBAL TOWER MODELS: 208V, 50/60 Hz
PW9130G2000T-XL2000 / 1800L6-20P(4) 6-20R, (1) L6-20R
PW9130G2000T-XLEU2000 / 1800L6-20P(8) C13, (1) C19
PW9130G3000T-XL3000 / 2700L6-20P(2) 6-20R, (1) L6-20R, (1) L6-30R
PW9130G3000T-XLEU3000 / 2700L6-20P(8) C13, (1) C19
PW9130i700T700 / 630C14(6) C13
PW9130i1000T-XL1000 / 900C14(6) C13
PW9130i1500T-XL1500 / 1350C14(6) C13
PW9130i2000T-XL2000 / 1800C14(8) C13, (1) C19
PW9130i3000T-XL3000 / 2700C20(8) C13, (1) C19