Electric power system is made up of elements that produce electrical energy and that energy is swiftly to the consumers. A modern system is made up of the following components namely:

Power plants to generate the electricity

  • Transformers for voltage control
  • Transmission systems
  • Substations and distribution

A quality power system must be able to work with efficiency, speed and it’s of high quality. It also must be cost friendly. Power systems are mostly purchased by event organizers to ensure that there are no frequent outages during the course of the event. Unreliable systems can lead to losses in terms of money, time and even reputation as a company. The power system engineers ensure that they have enough information about the many types of power systems. It is also important to note that buildings are built differently and each has a specific design which means a different power system is needed.

Factors to consider in a modern power system

Eaton power systems are built with very high end open technology for maximum capability and durability. Moreover there are several considerations to make, discussed below:


Designing a power system that will not have any electrical risk to the user is of essence. Therefore the system is tested for any faulty areas to ensure the protection system is also working. It is also important to develop a system that will be easy for the people responsible for the upkeep and repair.


The engineers and other designers work with the user to ensure that the overall budget is not overstretched. The costs include the purchasing and installation cost of the power system. These are all factored in and with this different designs are considered before settling on the final one.

The floor space and other additional requirements are also included in the budget to avoid any shortcomings when making the purchase.

Flexibility and expendability

Power systems are used in industrial manufacturing plants, service industries and other sectors of the economy. In all these industries time and again changes are made in their operations systems and this in turn triggers a change in the power system. Therefore the designs of the power system should be able to accommodate such changes.

Power systems protection

As much as you want to go for the Eaton power systems which are of high quality it is also good to know some of the major ways of maintaining the system. Just like any machine maintenance for longer lifespan is vital. Protection relays play this critical role by isolating the faulty part from other power system components. The protection relay helps separate the non-faulty part from getting damaged, in other words the damage is controlled.

The speed of the protection system installed is also very vital since this governs the efficiency. The chosen protection relay should be able to sense the faulty area as soon as the current is switched on and activate the trip function for the faulty part. This basically will keep the other parts of the power system safe from damage. Just like the power system, its protection capabilities or system also should be dependable, secure, selective and reliable.

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