Industrial UPS power supply system is the basis of industrial enterprises normal production and operation, a large number of advanced security equipment and information systems of industrial production, continuous operation to provide a reliable power protection in these areas play a crucial role.

Characteristics and importance of their work based servers, data centre power requirements are particularly high, the general use of redundant purely online UPS system to meet the requirements. High Availability is the first requirements of the entire UPS power supply system, but not the only requirement, with the development of the data centre construction, people UPS power system requirements are more comprehensive and reasonable. From a holistic perspective with the perspective of development, enterprise-class data centre UPS power systems have requirements in the following areas:

1. Can it provide dual power supplies to meet the needs of the server? At present the server market generally requires dual power inputs, any way the power will not affect the normal operation server error, so that the question of fault-tolerant server power capacity has increased significantly.

2. UPS power supply system can continue to expand, and the expansion process does not affect the normal operation of the load in order to meet the servers continued expansion and non-interruptible demand. This will not only save the initial investment cost of the system construction, but also make the entire data centre UPS building process remain in a safe and efficient working condition and also improves the systems cost-effectiveness.

3. The systems zero voltage is lower, generally no higher than 1V, to ensure a stable and reliable server data transmission, from interference. System zero voltage is too high because: Grid into the line itself zero voltage on the high side, the system ground system does not meet the criteria, or large system harmonic current ground long and small diameter. UPS itself does not reduce the zero voltage, reducing the zero voltage to be achieved by improving the distribution system.

4. Green environmental protection, energy saving trend of the times. In the energy shortage today attention to environmental protection, green energy-saving power supply system concern, some companies have made to quantify energy efficiency provisions, as hard targets enterprises must be completed each year to perform better. UPS green energy efficiency performance mainly reflected in the input power factor, importing current harmonics and machine efficiency and so on. Good performance UPS can reduce equipment interference on the power grid or oil machine can also save electricity and reduce operating costs.

5. UPS power supply system should be easy to maintain, easy to manage. This will not only save the maintenance cost of the system, more importantly, you can avoid the maintenance or due to human mismanagement caused the system failure. UPS power systems for industrial applications have what needs? In actual operation, industrial UPS power supply in which aspects need to have special qualities?

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