Recently, a new generation of low-power section Eaton 9130 was created. This is a double-conversion online UPS structure design capacity of 700-3000VA and is the most intelligent UPS product in the market. It is a new and efficient design that imparts energy conservation without reducing reliability and provides users with smart energy management.

Get the Eaton 9130 UPS system to resolve dirty power issues and help your IT environment stay online. This UPS is particularly suitable for the IT and network equipment, medical systems, manufacturing process controls and any other device that requires continuous and superior power protection.

Eaton 9130 UPS sophisticated design provides excellent power protection

The Eaton 9130 sustainable monitoring power state, while transferring saves pressure and frequency even in the most severe power problems, with the nominal output voltage deviation of less than 3% can still be maintained. The input voltage range does not rely on battery power to eliminate the small fluctuations and can save battery power if the electricity power is unstable or completely used. During a power failure, the Eaton 9130 is also able to break into the battery-powered zero equipment to protect electrical equipment from downtime, data loss and interruption of the process so as to protect sensitive and key equipment.

Lower cost, smaller space, more efficient power

Eaton UPS 9130 provides the user with two kinds of structure, dozens of choices, such as: will the UPS 3000VA powerfully integrated in only 2U of rack space; tower options to choose volume with new compact PC. Eaton 9130 up 0.99 input power factor but does not produce other transducer devices prone to interference. When the power state in the acceptable range, the product model can be efficiently run, greatly reducing electricity and cooling costs, bringing customers additional benefits.

Powerful battery management and monitoring capabilities, longer battery life Advanced Battery Management

Eaton UPS 9130 can arrive at the battery life of 60 days to notify the user before, so that customers have sufficient time to replace the battery. The battery is replaced with hot-swappable, so there is no need to switch off the system.

Eaton UPS 9130 loads the internal battery for longer run time, users can calmly shut down the system. When necessary, the user can use at any time up to four external hot-swappable battery module, the run time hours. Eaton 9130 with a large screen with high brightness backlit display, with features in the comprehensive power management software, an intuitive graphical user interface, can understand and control the UPS system, such as voltage, temperature, internal components of the operation, good battery status, charging status and remaining run time.

Here are the models available at


Catalog Number Description Rating(VA/Watts)
PW9130L700R-XL2U 9130 700 120V RACK 700/630
PW9130L1000R-XL2U 9130 1000 120V RACK 1000/900
PW9130L1500R-XL2U 9130 1500 120V RACK 1500/1350
PW9130L1500R-XL2UN 9130 1500 120V RACK with Network Card-MS 1500/1350
PW9130L2000R-XL2U 9130 2000 120V RACK 2000/1800
PW9130L2000R-XL2UN 9130 2000 120V RACK with Network Card-MS 2000/1800
PW9130L2500R-XL2U 9130 2500 120V RACK 2500/2250
PW9130L3000R-XL2U 9130 3000 120V RACK 3000/2700
PW9130L3000R-XL2UN 9130 3000 120V RACK with Network Card-MS 3000/2700
Catalog Number Description Rating(VA/Watts)
PW9130G3000R-XL2U 9130 3000G RACK 3000/2700
PW9130G3000R-XL2UEU 9130 3000G EU RACK 3000/2700
Catalog Number Description Rating(VA/Watts)
PW9130i1000R-XL2U 9130 1000 230V RACK 1000/900
PW9130i1500R-XL2U 9130 1500 230V RACK 1500/1350
PW9130i2000R-XL2U 9130 2000 230V RACK 2000/1800
PW9130i3000R-XL2U 9130 3000 230V RACK 3000/2700

Did You Know?

Change Your UPS Batteries

Changing your UPS batteries every 4 years can prevent 90% of all UPS outages.

Capacitor Shelf Life

AC and DC capacitors have a shelf life and should be proactively changed every 8-10 years.

UPS Maintenance Bypass

Adding a maintenance bypass to your UPS will allow for proper maintenance of your UPS and also re-route utility power

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