A regular maintenance routine for your Eaton UPS system is mandatory to prolong its life and derive the best performance from it. While subjecting your UPS system to a maintenance schedule, the following components of the system must be duly inspected.


Under the ideal conditions, a UPS battery can last up to 4 years with optimal performance. However, the presence of the most preferred conditions must be checked for regularly. Some of them include proper ventilation, suitable operating temperature and a dust-free working environment. Any environmental condition that may lead to overheating of the system must be removed instantly.


Capacitors are responsible for handling power fluctuations and conditioning the utility power to make UPS operations safe. UPS systems can have multiple capacitors working together and spotting the exact one facing the issue can be a tough task. During the maintenance schedule, close visual examination and thermal scanning must be used to assess the condition of the capacitor. Replacing the capacitors when they have reached the 5 year mark is a proactive way of keeping away from trouble.

UPS fan

Like any other component of the UPS system, fans tend to fail with time too. In UPS systems that use double conversion technology, fans are used more frequently and thus prone to earlier failure. In some cases, fan failure is indicated through alarms or lights. During the maintenance schedule, the technician must check the temperature using a thermostat or observe the sound of the system to gauge the working condition of the UPS fan.

Environmental factors

Is the UPS located in a place that is highly prone to dust? Has the system been installed in a location that can get very humid summer? Such drastic conditions may have an adverse impact on the performance of the UPS system and must therefore be duly checked for.

Load profile

If there has been any change in the load profile supported by the UPS system since installation, the addition or removal of load must be addressed. While excessive load can hamper the performance of the system and shorten its life, under-usage can lead to waste of energy. Thus, it is essential to have a periodic check for right-sizing the USP capacity.

In short, your investment in Eaton UPS systems is leveraged by taking care of the system with precaution.

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Did You Know?

Change Your UPS Batteries

Changing your UPS batteries every 4 years can prevent 90% of all UPS outages.

Capacitor Shelf Life

AC and DC capacitors have a shelf life and should be proactively changed every 8-10 years.

UPS Maintenance Bypass

Adding a maintenance bypass to your UPS will allow for proper maintenance of your UPS and also re-route utility power