Work disruptions due to power interruptions have been causing companies so many problems. One major problem that employers are concerned about is the possible decline in productivity of the employees and of the company in general due to these unexpected power interruptions. People naturally lose momentum if they stop in the middle of their work. This usually happens during power interruptions.

The unpredictability of power interruptions moves many employers to look for ways and means on minimizing work disruptions. Industries have never stopped in looking for solutions for a continuous power supply. They realized that efficiency is more or less facilitated by an uninterrupted power supply.

Eaton 9170

Efficiency and productivity are linked to each other. And both depend on how the person works within his environment. The work environment is a major factor since it can do a lot in motivating the worker. The reverse is also true. Once the work environment is neglected, productivity will naturally decline.

The necessity of a UPS system is becoming more evident. Any workplace would surely require a continuous power supply. All businesses dream of an interrupted supply. From manufacturing to services, the role of power is indispensable. They are needed to provide lights and power to computers and other equipment. In hospitals for example, they are needed to sustain life.

There are various brands of UPS in the market to choose from. One of them which have become very popular is the Eaton Powerware 9170.

The Powerware 9170 is an efficient UPS that enables users to “build” an uninterrupted power solution that is specific to all their needs. It has an expandable redundancy level and increased run times through plug-and-play 3 kVA UPS and battery modules thus making sure that your electric devices are running effectively when power source fails.

The 9170 can be specifically configured to fit 3-, 6-, 9- or 12-slot enclosures, and is available for rack-mount applications. The 9170 also features a new “power-saver” high-efficiency mode that increases the unit efficiency from about 88% to 97% in normal operating mode in Power Saver mode. The combination of the Powerware 9170 double conversion online technology, and new high-efficiency power-saver mode means you will never have to compromise reliability for efficiency.

The following are the major advantages of this product:

1. Eaton 9170 applies Double conversion online technology which is universally-recognized to provide the highest availability power in case of power source failure.

2. The Powerware 9170 provides protection against power surges, spikes, sags, line noise, and lightning.

3. Eaton 9170 features a user-friendly LCD display and also have two internal slots for communication, which can accept several devices, at once.

4. It can be expanded easily by installing additional charger, power or battery modules for supporting additional critical devices and applications.

5. This UPS system is very easy to operate and to install just like a PC. Universal components will fit in any slot in any order without interfering with the system operation or its protection of the critical load

Eaton 9170 is such an efficient UPS that it can save your business in case of power failure. With this UPS, you don’t have to worry of unsaved computer documents, power surges, power spikes or lightning. Buy it today to experience its many benefits.

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