Eaton 9170It is important to ensure that you have full control of your power in your business, commercial facility, or data center. This is especially important because there are instances when there are power hitches that lead to inconvenient downtime. The best option that you have, to attain full control of unexpected power issues is to have a high-quality Eaton 9170 Modular UPS. This will ensure that even if there is a power blackout or any other hitch, you can still move on with your duties without any inconvenience. The Eaton 9170 rack or Tower UPS will also help avoid damages that occur as a result of power outages, sags or spikes. To make sure that you get the best results, here are some tips to help you select the best Eaton UPS System for your power quality needs.

Check quality

When looking for the best Eaton 9170 UPS or equivalent Eaton UPS it is good to ensure that you get the best quality system available with the best warranty and price tag. This is important because there are some unscrupulous dealers who have come up in the market to offer UPS systems they claim are up to industry standards and will work for your application. Make sure when purchasing that you are buying a quality UPS. Quality UPS Systems will come with at least a 3-year warranty on the UPS and batteries along with factory start-up once installed Also make sure the UPS System you are purchasing will have all options including remote monitoring, double conversion technology and will integrate with any BMS System on your site. Our Eaton 9170, 9155, Ferrups, 9PX and Bladups can accomplish all this and more. In case you do not know how to choose the best quality UPS or need more information, always ask for professional advice while following all steps above.


There are different models that you will come across while doing your due diligence. The major different between the models are the features that each of them has. This means that before you embark on the shopping process, you need to consider all the features that you need so that you can decide on the model that will meet all your needs in the most effective way.


As you do the shopping for an Eaton 9170 or 9155 UPS, you will realize that we offer different price points on each. The cost is determined by the model you select, features available and also the quality. High quality UPS are not cheap. However while comparing apples to apples with the correct features you will find our Eaton 9155 and Eaton 9170 to be very competitive and also have a better warranty at 3 to 5 years. To make sure that you buy a device that will meet all your needs, it is vital to first understand all your power needs. First thing that should be done is a power audit confirm all operating loads in your facility or data center. Then determine what voltage is available in either single phase or three phase. Most smaller facilities will operate at 208/220/230/240v single phase and larger facilities will operate at 208V or 480V 3 phase. This will act as a buying guide that will help you get UPS that will meet all those needs.

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Did You Know?

Change Your UPS Batteries

Changing your UPS batteries every 4 years can prevent 90% of all UPS outages.

Capacitor Shelf Life

AC and DC capacitors have a shelf life and should be proactively changed every 8-10 years.

UPS Maintenance Bypass

Adding a maintenance bypass to your UPS will allow for proper maintenance of your UPS and also re-route utility power