Power surges can occur in organizations thereby interfering with their normal business operations. To avoid such cases, power management solutions should be available to avoid power interruption. In fact, you need a reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) source. To determine the best UPS you need to look for power efficiency ,run time, battery type, power management connectivity, power management software and power distribution. On the other hand, computers may not have enough power due to heavy loads from other electrical appliances. To ensure that the normal operation of the computer continues, you need Eaton 9130 power backup. The UPS is the cutting edge of how a power back up should look like thanks to the brilliant technology.

Features of Eaton 9130


It has a double conversion design which helps to protect the UPS from power outages and power distortion.

LCD user interface

It is equipped with bright LCD user interface which makes it easy to monitor UPS performance. It indicates the power status making it easy to note any technical malfunction.

Power efficiency

The Eaton pw9130 offers more than 95% of power efficiency when set on high efficiency mode. This helps in reducing the energy costs significantly and extends the battery life in the long run. In fact, since the battery uses ABM technology, the service life is higher. In addition, it comes with a power factor of 0.9.

Power output

It provides more power in watts to protect office equipments. Further, it gives more room for expansion of the information technology systems. On the other hand, it is fitted with a communication slot which allows more room for connectivity. It has a power rating of 700-3000 VA and a voltage of 220–240 Vac.

Run time

The UPS gives optimal battery modules. The battery also uses a unique battery-charging technology. Further, the power helps in countering the potential damaging consequences of surges, sags and any other power problem .It also provides free-break protection in case the powers from the mains fail. This protects the UPS.

Eaton pw9130 power management software

It is compatible with different software like UPS supervisory software, enterprise power monitoring software, DC power control, integration software, protection software and connectivity software. The supervisory software helps in managing power of your UPS as well as the connected equipments and multiple network power devices. The protection software allows the system to shut down successfully.

Likewise, the network software enables the user to connect to the internet without using a network card. Further, the power protection software helps in checking the battery health.

Power management connectivity

There are basic ways of managing and communicating with your UPS .First, you can use a network card which allows real time control of your UPS network. Secondly, you can opt for a MOD-BUS card which provides a reliable, continuous and accurate monitoring of your UPS system. Thirdly, a web card can be used which allows one to manage the UPS using web.


The Eaton 9130 UPS is efficient, reliable, and safe .It can sustain organizations computers and accessories. It has scalable battery run-times for servers and delivers quality online power. In a nut shell, when there is a complete power failure, the UPS will always provide power to the critical load.

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Did You Know?

Change Your UPS Batteries

Changing your UPS batteries every 4 years can prevent 90% of all UPS outages.

Capacitor Shelf Life

AC and DC capacitors have a shelf life and should be proactively changed every 8-10 years.

UPS Maintenance Bypass

Adding a maintenance bypass to your UPS will allow for proper maintenance of your UPS and also re-route utility power