Eaton 9170There are five main electricity problems that are found to occur. These include a sudden power failure where the main utility power gets cut off due to overload, a power sag which is a short phase of low voltage fluctuations, power surge, brownouts that are low voltage phases that can last anywhere from a few minutes to some days and the last one is over voltage power supply. Powerware offers solutions for each of these problems. The best form of power protection is provided by the Series 5 Uninterruptible power supply systems.

Go for high-quality products that include uninterruptible power supplies and surge protection for individual as well as for corporate settings. This also offers DC power solutions to Uninterruptible power supply backup systems providing support to equipment relating to the IT and telecommunication industries. These can include the smallest consumer-based requirement to large-scale applications such as those found in the telephone exchange and similar organizations.

The different varieties in the series provide different features to offer the best power solutions for your equipment. For instance, the Eaton powerware 9170 suppresses power surges, regulates voltage and provides the essential backup support to safeguard PCs, telephone and network services from the basic power problems. Similarly, the 5115 provides power management and appropriate power solutions for PCs, small office devices, Internet working applications and NT workstations. The 5115 mount rack model is a high-density power backup and ideal solution for storage systems, servers, network systems and many other crucial devices.

If you are after an uninterruptible power supply for your home computer, you might be well advised to consider going with Eaton Powerware. Eaton has been one of the leading names in power protection for some years for the simple fact that they do tend to manufacture reliable products that typically outlast their warranties.

The basic unit you should probably be looking into would have to be the Eaton powerware 9170. This is just a simple unit to provide your home computer with a little extra life in the event of power outages or other inconsistencies. It is simple to install, easy to use, and provides four minutes of extra time to shut everything down safely when your power goes out.

Other models in the power protection systems series also provide an equally productive solution for your sensitive equipment. Good equipment in a trusted brand can be relied on without a second thought to it. It is important that you use reliable products as a backup source for your equipment. By using unknown product brands to beat the price, you are not only exposing your sensitive hardware to danger but are also giving rise to potential data error and corruption, keyboard lockup, data loss, system lockup and storage loss.

Therefore it is advisable to use known brands and protect your equipment and ensure the longevity of life. Give them the best available power solutions and see them work hassle-free and provide excellent end results.

Eaton is a provider of uninterruptible power supplies for individual use as well as for large organizations that require power backup systems to run their equipment.

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