Eaton is a brand highly noted for the innovative and pacesetting power systems it provides. It has a proven record of offering top-notch power supply management products, which can meet all the requirements of mission-critical equipment. This includes state-of-art UPS systems and power distribution units (PDs).

Well, let’s take a closer look at some of these Eaton power systems.

Eaton UPS modular backup platform

This company is acclaimed for its cutting edge UPS modular backup systems, including the revolutionary Eaton Blade platform. These solutions can provide uninterruptible power supply to populated racks. Unlike most other alternatives, these products house their batteries together with electronics in a single unit. They are renowned for their unparalleled modular and scalable characteristics too. For instance, with the Blade platform, you can begin with a single 8 kW unit. As your facility’s power needs scale up, you can conveniently progress to up to an entire rack populated with units, offering a maximum output of 60kW.

These systems also integrate Eaton’s Advanced Battery Management and Hot Sync technologies. All of which can efficiently prolong the life of batteries along with been able to simplify configuration and paralleling tasks. Most Eaton UPS platforms come with multiple redundancy points that eliminate single point power failures. Also, a good number of them feature hot swappable’ parts, including batteries and even electronics to prevent unexpected downtime.

Eaton ePDU systems

Eaton is also known for its innovative ePDUs solutions like the G3 platform. These Eaton power systems come with up to 42 power outlets. While offering the means to conveniently monitor power utilization at individual sections of your mission-critical equipment’s network. Eaton ePDUs feature in-built metering as well as managed functionalities. This includes Eaton power systems monitoring software. One of the most key metrics you can efficiently monitor is power billing grade accuracy. You will obtain detailed analytics on just how much energy specific outlets in your facility’s network are utilizing. This can be useful if you wish to cut down on power consumption. The latest Eaton ePDUs can as well support the swapping of out of control’ mechanisms without having to disconnect any equipment. This can do away with plenty of stress and significantly prevent downtime, and in extension, loss of money.

Eaton Power Xpert Gateway

This is an add-on card that is compatible with the latest Eaton power management systems. It can facilitate for stress-free equipment connections in most network settings. While also providing top-notch online monitoring functionalities. This includes offering in-depth analytics on your facility’s day to day operations in terms of power management.

Eaton Intelligent Software Suite

As a rule, the very latest Eaton power management solutions come with this remote monitoring and management application suite. It features the Intelligent Power Manager application, which facilitates for the efficient monitoring of multiple mission-critical equipment power usage across a network. This can be brought about via the use of a web browser, vCenter or even XenCenter dashboards. At the same time, the Eaton Intelligent Software Suite includes the Intelligent Power Protector application. This can be effortlessly installed at the system level to undertake crucial tasks including the safe shutdown of equipment in the event of a power failure.


As you can evidently see, Eaton is indeed a key player in the power supply systems industry. It takes great pride in its ability to address both the current and future requirements of its clients by offering innovative, efficient, and more to the point, scalable solutions.

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