Modern data centers store an impressive amount the information, which is critical for a lot of industries. Because the stored data is so important, these centers cannot afford to have their system shut down, for any reasons. However, some unexpected events can occur at any time, and they have to be protected against them. The best protection method is, without any doubt, an energy efficient device. These tools are designed to ensure a proper backup for any electrical system, which cannot stop under any circumstances. The following article aims to present you the Eaton UPS, which is one of the most effective backup stations, available on the market.

1) Technical specsThis UPS is able to provide a power efficiency of up to 94%. However, if it’s being used on the energy saving mode, it can raise that rate to even to 99%. Having a voltage of 480 V, this unit is capable of managing the electrical devices, for a long time after the power failure. If the noise levels concern you, you have to know that the Eaton UPS will function on a less than 76 dB, audible noise. This backup unit can also be used for the mobile electrical systems. It can function at altitudes of 2000 m, on high temperatures, up to 40 degrees Celsius.

2) Advantages Without any doubt, the biggest advantage of the Eaton 9395 UPS is the power efficiency. The innovative energy saver feature, can make the unit operate at even 99%, without altering the functionality of the electrical devices. The high reliability is also ensured by the Easy Capacity Test, which allows the UPS to deliver stronger performances. In case you’re working with variable power, the Eaton UPS has got you covered. Thanks to its Hot Sync paralleling, it will be able to adapt and supply your equipment with the needed power. Also, this device can be operated very simple, thanks to its LCD touchscreen. The software is also well developed and because of it, this UPS can be operated by anybody, no matter their technical knowledge.

3) Applications Eaton 9395 UPS comes with a high level of reliability and because of that, it can be used in some of the most demanding industries. That’s why, it’s already being used in banking sectors, clinics, hospitals or many financial institutions. Its mobility allows it to be used in industries like constructions, industrial drilling or even during marine applications.

4) Warranty The Eaton UPS is very well designed, and no major problems have been recorded so far. However, the manufacturer ensures us a one year warranty, for any kind of damage or malfunction of the product. If you encounter any problem with this UPS, you can contact their 24/7 support center, which is absolutely free. They are ready to take and solve any inquiries that you might have.ConclusionHaving an effective UPS, is a must-be during our current times. Thankfully, the Eaton UPS can cover you for any power failure and keep your electronic devices running, in a safe and completely reliable environment. If you work in an industry that cannot afford any power interruptions, then you should purchase the Eaton UPS.

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